Wendy F. Morosoff
Career Development Director * Arts-Liberal Arts Advocate * Creative Consultant * Purchase College, SUNY

"Jeanne Nelson is a delight to work with and has a great command of her craft. Her presentations were adeptly tailored to our student audience. During the Senior Mocktail Networking Night, Jeanne geared her talk for various potential artistic networking venues such as gallery openings, performances and professional receptions, where networking over refreshments and appetizers can occur. This now very popular program reassured, inspired and prepared students with important techniques for engaging in conversations; while encouraging successful employer interactions. Student participants were riveted by her highly visual description of timeless “dos and don’ts” of networking while “noshing." Students were all very excited about practicing their newly discovered “networking know how." Jeanne is an exceptional presenter in this regard, without a doubt!" (2014)


Nicholas Fleder
Policy Intern at Environment Texas

"Jeanne was more than the warm smile and diligent, infectious work ethic she brought to the table during our time at Richard Becker for Congress, where she helped recruit a team of interns that included me; she was a trusty mentor and a leader for all of the younger staffers and volunteers on the campaign. She directs kindly and politely, she possesses a keenly observant eye that is helpful without being brooding, and she offers sage advice at every stop along the way. Not only did she help me get my bearings with NGP Van - the Democratic Party's Congressional software system - but she has also continued to help me manage my digital footprint and social media presence in the months and years that have followed the campaign. I couldn't recommend her more as a counselor, teacher, and mentor." (2013)


Moushumi Kamal
Assistant Manager at The Bank of New York Mellon

"I began my career as a co-op student at Bank of New York Mellon and I had the pleasure of having Jeanne Nelson as my first manager. Jeanne is experienced, extremely talented and very dedicated to the advancement of careers for high school students. As a co-op intern, Jeanne coached me on the industry, helped me network within the company by involving me in events such as “Take Our Daughters to Work Day”. She also coached me on team work and proper workplace etiquette, lessons that I take with me in everyday life and in new endeavors. 

As a PROWESS instructor, Jeanne coached me to stay on track with my career goals. She introduced me to several networking resources, helped me create a superior resume and build a career map. Jeanne has helped shape my career from a high school co-op student to an Assistant Manager and to this day she has been a sincere and dedicated coach. I was very lucky to have her on my side and I believe she can help bring great success for high school and college students." (2012) 


Medita A. Vucic
Vice President & Team Lead at The Bank of New York Mellon

"Jeanne is an incredibly talented and passionate etiquette coach that took a vested interest in developing high school interns during her tenure at BNY Mellon.  Jeanne provided relevant coaching while being authentic and engaging.  Jeanne was my first manager when I joined BNY Mellon as a high school intern and was tremendous in shaping me into

the person I am today.   Jeanne's coaching, experience, knowledge and support set the foundation that led to my advancement from a high school intern to a Vice President today.  Every high school  and college student should be given the opportunity to have Jeanne share her business etiquette skills that will set the foundation for success!"  (2011)

Cristina St. Juste

“The invaluable insight and assistance Jeanne offered me helped me identify my dream career path. Through a series of phone and in-person meetings and emails, Jeanne probed me with thoughtful questions. This exercise required me to delve and with raw honest introspection. In turn, my responses would yield from Jeanne tailored lengthy responses dense with information, ideas and feedback that she sent back to me promptly. The result had me identify with clarity what I love, what I'm good at, what has meaning for me ... all of which continues to seamlessly guide me in taking the steps to only pursue work I'm meant to do. In addition, I have been able to share her advice with friends who also have/benefitted and are benefitting from her wisdom and guidance to true professional fulfillment. Many thanks.”  (2011)


Susan Eisman
Career Counselor at Pace University Career Services

"For the past 3 years, Jeanne has been invited to be a featured speaker at Manhattanville Colleges' annual spring student career event, providing practical professional protocol and social etiquette training to a diverse audience of administrators, students and alumni. With expert knowledge and exceptional presentation skills, she prepares our students to feel more confident communicating in the workplace. Jeanne is the consummate professional who is a pleasure to work with." (2011)

Roberta (Leifer) Fisher
Career Counselor at Manhattanville College

"Just want to add my thanks for such a great event.  I really enjoyed it, as did all the students.  We all learned a lot in a very enjoyable way.  We're so happy you will be doing it again next year." (2011)