Stepping Stones To Success Series

In the current economic climate and job market, internships have proved to be the gold standard for students to position themselves for post-graduation jobs that will jump-start their careers. The time to start preparing for internships is during the high school years. The PROWESS High School Workshops are intended to supplement the efforts of high schools to prepare their students for the next big step, whether it is college or other post-high school training, as well as their post-graduate careers.
Stepping Stones To Success is a high school leadership series presented in 90-Minute sessions, with each designed to build on the previous session(s).  
The workshop sessions include instructor presentation, group discussion, role-playing and exercises to provide participants with the tools they need to lead, influence and shape their worlds during their high school years and in preparation for college and their adult personal and professional lives.
To High School Principals and Guidance Counselors: The High School Workshop modules or individual Workshops are offered through local high schools. Fees may be underwritten by the high school or paid directly by parents. Please contact me for information, fee structure and to make arrangements to include the Workshops in your enrichment program at jeanne.nelson@prowessworkshops.com or through the site.
To Parents: Please contact your high school to request the Workshops, which may be underwritten by the high school or fees charged to directly parents.
Parents and students (with parental approval) may also contact me directly to inquire about and arrange for private or semi-private Workshops at jeanne.nelson@prowessworkshops.com or through the site
Fees are structured to be inclusive and affordable. 
Stepping Stone #1
Constructing the Modern Resume

The resume is the bedrock document of the job candidate’s marketing strategy. Students learn the basics of crafting the resume and current techniques for navigating modern hiring practices, including how to survive computerized applicant tracking systems (ATS). Participants may bring their own resumes to refer to during the workshop.

Stepping Stone #2
Networking On-Line and Off-Line
Part 1:  Introduction to LinkedIn

Students will receive an overview of LinkedIn, including features designed for high school students to aid in college searches and professional branding, tools for college students seeking internships and career connections, and the basics of developing a robust and effective profile.

Part 2:  How to Work a Room (Full of Strangers)

Students will learn how to navigate networking events and conduct "soft marketing" by replying to invitations, preparing for the event, making introductions, engaging in light conversation, exchanging business cards, juggling refreshments, making graceful exits and following up after the event. 

Stepping Stone #3
Nailing the Interview

Students will learn winning techniques for stress reduction, confidence-building and making a powerful impression. Preparation, dress, behavior and follow-up strategies for nailing the basic one-on-one interview will be addressed. Briefly covered will be other types of interviews, including phone, Skype

Stepping Stone #4
The Luncheon Interview - Dining Do's & Don'ts

There’s more to dining properly than merely selecting the correct fork. Whether a student or post-grad job candidate is a guest at a luncheon interview for an internship or a permanent position, college dinner hosted by a professor or club, client luncheon or dinner, wedding, bar/bat mitzvah or other important event, dining etiquette is crucial to making a strong positive impression on those who are in positions to advance a student's goals. Students will learn the basics of business dining etiquette that will help them to be comfortable and confident in any dining situation.

Stepping Stone #5
On the Job Prowess

After receiving and accepting a job offer a candidate’s work is not done. Entering the professional workplace presents its own set of challenges - whether you're working at the local retail coffee house or in a Fortune 500 corporate office. This stepping stone addresses the protocols and etiquette a student must master in making the transition from classroom or campus to the part-time or summer job or an internship in order to achieve success and advancement.

Stepping Stone #6
Dealing With Workplace Bullies & Other Difficult Personalities

Bullies, blasters, backbiters, harassers and other dysfunctional personalities exist in many workplaces, just as they do everywhere else. Students will learn techniques to handle difficult personalities and situations with aplomb, and help build confidence to work with others in general.