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Etiquette, Ethics and Empathy in the Workplace (and in Life)


Jeanne Nelson

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See You in Autumn

I'm taking a break from The Three E's for a few months
to work on my novel and revamp my website.
Enjoy the rest of spring and all of summer
and I'll see you back here in autumn!


 Until then,






Summer Vacation Etiquette - Part 1

Don’t Forget to Pack Your Manners

Everyone looks forward to summer.  Regardless of whether you have plans to go away or not, the nature of summer seems to slow time and evoke a feeling of being on vacation if only on the weekends.  With its warm weather, sunshine and evenings fragrant with honeysuckle summer sets the stage for cookouts, picnics, trips to the beach, lighter clothing, relaxing evenings and a drift toward leisure time.  Summer is vacation time because for many it’s the most convenient time of year to take off time off from work.

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